Hunting for the best cookies? We’ve found them

By Fiona Chandra

Crispy cookies? Not in this jar. At Milk Jar Cookies, it’s all about baker Courtney Cowan’s favorite types: soft and chewy. These decadent creations are plump and thick like a pillow—crispy on the edges and perfectly soft inside—and the sweetness is just right. Cowan made her first cookie dough when she was seven and started tinkering with her recipe when she was a teenager, so you know it’s been perfected through years of tweaking.

With at least 14 flavors to choose from at any given time, you’re sure to find your favorite ooey gooey goodness to indulge in. Is it melted chocolate chips you crave, or oozing peanut butter in the Chocolate Peanut Butter cookie? Or maybe you’d rather relive your camp days with the marshmallows in the Rocky Road cookie. Cowan’s personal favorite is the Chocolate Pecan Caramel, the silky and crunchy textures coming together in a soft chocolate cookie. There’s also one seasonal flavor always available, like the current Milk and Cereal cookie, topped with Fruity Pebbles and hiding treasures of five types of cereals & yogurt chips inside. No matter the flavor, Milk Jar Cookies are nostalgic in the best way.

Tasty tidbits
  • Milk Jar’s cookies come with a very important set of instructions—to heat up them up first! Then enjoy with a cold glass of milk.
  • Cowan met her husband when she brought a Tupperware full of cookies to work. These goodies are good enough to inspire love—and marriage.
  • Los Angeles magazine called Milk Jar’s snickerdoodles the Best of LA, and Eater LA also put Milk Jar on their list of the best cookies in LA.

A cookie for every season

If you’re the kind of cookie eater that feels like the other cookie is always sweeter, join Milk Jar’s Cookie of the Month club and get either a half or full dozen of Courtney’s current favorite cookies delivered to your mailboxes every month. Pop Sugar raves about the service, saying “their cookies are on another level of amazing!” If you can’t wait that long, they ship cookies (a half-dozen minimum) nationwide. And if that’s still not fast enough, 24-hour, or even same-day (for a premium) delivery is available to the lucky cookie addicts in LA—and with milk, too!