Morning Glory

By Sean Timberlake

Peanut brittle is one of those sweets that all too often crosses the line between humble and humdrum. Textures can range from sticky to enamel-chipping, and the flavor of peanuts and caramel rarely rises above insipid. Not so with Morning Glory Confections, who ignite a spark in their small-batch brittles. The candies have a spectacular tooth, yielding with a satisfying snap as you bite into them, then disintegrating with each crunchy chew. Unexpected flavors like Thai curry (hello, lemongrass!) and soothing, spiced chai take this sweet out of the realm of grandma’s kitchen and onto the world stage. Thoughtful pairings, like the subtle burn of New Mexico chiles with pumpkin seeds, offer a real sense of place. Even when it’s at its most basic, it’s elevated: A gentle touch of fleur de sel de Camargue moves their flagship brittle from simple to sublime.

Brittle Sundaes

Serves 4

1 pint vanilla, coffee or chocolate ice cream,
or frozen yogurt
3 - 4 pieces of Morning Glory confections brittle

Place brittle in a plastic bag and break it up by hitting it with a rolling pin, reserve some larger pieces for garnish.

Scoop frozen yogurt or ice cream into dessert glasses or bowls. Sprinkle with brittle, and garnish each with a large shard.