Gifts your food-obsessed friends are guaranteed to love

By Anna Albaryan

Holiday gifts can come in all shapes and sizes, but nothing beats those that come from Mouth—the kind that are ready to dip, sip, spread, or share with the most food-obsessed friends and family members in your life. For the holiday season, the experts at this Brooklyn-based indie snack shop have been hard at work, curating gourmet gift packages filled with their favorite indie foods, drinks, and trinkets, made by real “people, not companies” from all over the States, so you can easily cover all your bases—even those perennially hard-to-shop-for friends. In fact, the good people of Mouth have thought of everything—you can even do all your gift shopping now, and have the option for your orders to ship later in the month.

For indecisive loved ones, the Holiday Sweet and Savory Fix offers up the best of both worlds in snacking essentials. The “bite” is chock full of dark chocolate–covered toffee pistachios, cheesy cookies, spiced candied almonds, two peppermint-laced must-haves, and a box of dreamy goat-milk caramels from Vermont-based Big Picture Farm, while the bigger “mouthful” collections adds fancy truffle popcorn, standout nut butters, and all-natural jam.

To spread even more holiday spirit, look into the crazy-good cocktail kits, like the Holiday Cheers, featuring the warming powers of small-batch chocolate whiskey, a bubbly blanc de blanc for proper celebrations, and an Old New Orleans Amber Rum. Or make it all about the bubbles with the Holiday Sparkling Cocktail Kit, which includes a set of four showstopping stemless, shatterproof champagne flutes.

Of course, if one is good, eight is better—at least that holds true for the Sweet on Hanukkah bundle, with a different chocolate treat, Hannukah candy mix, or macaroon each day. Just be sure to save the menorah-shaped chocolate pop for last. Eight is not enough? Split the difference while celebrating across the Judeo-Christian divide with the all-new Christmakkah in a Bag, and get your fill of sweets like peppermint-chocolate cookies and milk chocolate gelt.

And if you’re really serious about winning someone over this year, look no further than Mouth’s monthly subscription boxes. These themed care packages offer curated selections of coffees, cookies, jerkies, and just about anything else you can think of. Popular choices include the Bourbon Every Month, and the new tasting adventure box, Indie States of America, filled each month with a set of treats from across the nation. Now that’s a gift that really keeps on giving.
Word on the Street

  • The New York Times aptly dubbed Mouth “the gastronomic equivalent of an indie record shop.”
  • NBC’s Today Show called Mouth “the coolest place to order foodie gifts online.”

More to Love

Stocking Stuffers
Don’t need a whole gift package? Grab a couple of superlative stocking stuffers instead. Mouth has everything from pig-shaped bacon-toffee lollipops to “sparkle bark” to flask-sized spirits, such as the popular Chocolate Whiskey.

Don’t Fudge This Up
Give the gift of Peppermint Hot Fudge Sauce from The Barton Table, and the only thing you’d be fudging up are your chances at tasting the heavenly spread before your friend finishes it.

Crazy about Chocolate
If you’ve got a friend who’s just obsessed with something specific—coffee, bacon, pickles—take a look through Mouth’s Gifts for Obsessives, where you’ll find treasures like the Single-Origin Chocolate Taster, featuring some of the best chocolates Mouth curators can get their hands on.