Quite simply the finest bacon around

By Amy Sherman

Simply put, Nueske’s is the gold standard of bacon. Starting with high-quality pork raised to their specifications, the Nueske family hand-trims it, cures it, and smokes it for 24 hours over applewood logs—the way they’ve been making bacon since 1933. The result is subtle sweetness, smoke and salt, all in perfect balance.

Something special you’re sure to notice about this bacon is how little it shrinks in the pan. This is because the bacon gets such a long, slow smoke in the family’s custom smokehouses, and a larger portion of fat than is the industry standard is rendered out in this special smoking process. It will rule the table at breakfast, but save some to try on sandwiches, in salads, in chowder, crumbled on top of baked potatoes, or on pretty much anything you can imagine will improve with a slice or two, which means basically everything.

For bacon with a bite, choose the peppered version, studded with tongue tingling hunks of freshly cracked Tellicherry peppercorns. Or maybe you’d prefer the sweeter Wild Cherrywood Smoked Bacon. Naturally cured then smoked over wild cherrywood logs, it won a Gold Award in the Diet & Lifestyle category from the National Specialty Food Association.

If picking your favorite from original Applewood Smoked, Wild Cherrywood Smoked, Thick-Sliced, Peppered, and a half dozen more options proves to be too difficult, Nueske’s can relate, which is why they offer the Smoked Bacon Super Sampler. This motherlode of bacon contains a pound each of the best-selling Applewood Smoked Bacon and the Thin-Sliced Applewood Bacon, plus a pound of Peppered Bacon, 12 ounces of Triple Thick Butcher Cut Bacon, hefty quarter-inch thick Applewood-smoked slices, and 12 ounces of Wild Cherrywood Smoked Bacon.

Another great option is the Smoked Meat Lovers Gift Box. Starting with the must-have pound of Applewood Smoked Bacon, it includes another breakfast favorite, sliced Canadian Bacon, plus a pound of Smoked Wieners, the Pork & Beef Summer Sausage, delicate Smoked Beef Slices, and that very Wisconsin speciality, Smoked Liver Sausage. It’s a collection of goodies perfect for picnics and barbecues. Summer never tasted better.
Word on the Street

  • The New York Times calls Nueske’s “the beluga of bacon.”
  • Bon Appetit has raved about their “Silky, sweet rashers.”
  • Nueske’s was chosen as “Best Mail Order Bacon” by Saveur.
  • They’ve won the Specialty Food Association SOFI Gold Award in multiple years.

The Ultimate BLT Sandwich

The classic BLT is just one of the best sandwiches, period. Follow these steps to make yours as good as it can be.
  • Use plain sliced bread. Whole wheat or white is fine, but make sure to toast it.
  • Find the best, ripest tomato possible; a mealy tomato will ruin everything.
  • Spread your toasted bread with mayonnaise—any kind you like.
  • The lettuce is a key component, too, because it provides some crunch. Iceberg is tops.
  • Add avocado, a fried egg, or a slice of Cheddar cheese—or keep it classic and crunch away.