Passion House Coffee Roasters

By Sara Tan

There’s more to your morning cup of joe than just finding a roast and sticking to it—choosing coffee can be a playful and enjoyable exploration. That’s what Chicago-based Passion House Coffee believes in, going beyond tasting notes and origins to make the experience of selecting coffee approachable to even the most unversed of coffee drinkers. Passion House’s roasts are divided into three genres: Ambient (deep flavored and full-bodied with dried fruit acidity), Mainstream (medium-bodied, fruity yet balanced) and Experimental (bright, herbaceous, floral, and heady). The end result: finding and falling in love with a coffee you may not have tried otherwise. If you have a sweet tooth, look to the Mainstream Costa Rica Zapotal, with hints of caramel and vanilla. Adventurous drinkers should check out the Experimental Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Kochere for a burst of bright floral notes blended with smooth, butterscotch sweetness.

Beans to spill

  • Founder Joshua Millman started Passion House on the same day his daughter was born.
  • Head roaster Shannon Steele-Knuckles made the list of “Inspirational Women in Coffee” by CoffeeKind.
  • Passion House’s website has specific guides on how to brew their coffee based on your preferred method, from Chemex to AeroPress.

Brew Your Coffee Outdoors

You no longer have to sacrifice having good coffee when taking to to the great outdoors. With Passion House’s chic and compact Urban Forager kit, brew whenever you want—lounging beachside or chilling deep in the woods. Just use the kit’s travel-friendly Chemex to make a delicious cup of their Pitch Delay Blend. They’ve also thrown in a handy forager guide—should you choose to scavenge for food in the wilderness—along with a stylish tote to carry your findings.