Pipcorn—The perfect bite-sized snack

By Kristina Grish

Dream up a miniature version of any food—mini lasagnas, trifles, pizzas, chicken potpies—and it’s somehow always that much harder to resist, But who’d have thought the same would go for mini popcorn—it’s already a bite-size snack. And yet! Pipcorn’s downright diminutive popcorn is so good you might just find yourself eating it with a spoon. The appeal is twofold. First, when the mini kernels are popped, the delicate shells break into very small pieces, making the snack both kinder to your teeth and easier to digest. Second, Pipcorn’s ever-so-subtle flavors range from savory to sweet, including sea salt, rosemary, gingerbread, and kettle. Try pairing the white truffle flavor with Champagne—for parties, or just for while binge-watching Veep.

Word on the street

  • Rosemary Pipcorn was featured in Elle Décor’s “Last Minute Gift Ideas.”
  • The Pipcorn Holiday Crate was featured in Martha Stewart’s holiday gift guide in 2013 and “Oprah’s Favorite Things” in 2012.
  • Popped in small batches by hand, vegan-approved, gluten-free Pipcorn is made from non-GMO corn.

Keeping your options open

Can’t decide which flavor to choose for Mom’s gift? Struggling to please all of your friends at your holiday party this year? Look no further than the Pipcorn Holiday Crate, which includes one bag of each flavor. Between white truffle, gingerbread, kettle, and sea salt, you’re sure to please everyone this season.