Toffee too good for Halloween

By Kat Odell

It’s the kind of toffee Grandma used to make (at least in old movies), but here it’s fashioned into butter crunch and granola crunch bars that are fancied up with nuts and fresh herbs and come in flavors like fire pistachio; rosemary almond; and Thyme, Walnut, and Cherries. p.o.p. candy, which is based in Santa Monica (“p.o.p.” stands for Pacific Ocean Park, a former amusement park on the beach), uses just a few basic ingredients—butter, cane sugar, nuts, and brown rice syrup—but some things, like the herbs and sun-dried fruit, are sourced from the Santa Monica farmers market. Most flavors are gluten free. Of course there are absolutely no preservatives or normal additives. (What part of “Santa Monica” didn’t you understand?) You could just keep popping in endless bites of this all-natural candy without ever coming up for air. Or you could be smarter than that and start thinking about your holiday gift list. Or even Halloween, although it will take some amazing tricks to justify these treats?—maybe a Lady Gaga number or a So You Think You Can Dance? routine from the kids next door.

p.o.p. it up with butter crunch

We discovered that p.o.p. candy is not only good to munch on, it’s exactly what the baker ordered to enhance these desserts. Just top off Martha’s pumpkin muffins and these double-cherry streusel bars with one cup of crushed butter crunch before popping into the oven.