Red Truck Bakery

By Amy Sherman

The bourbon cake says it all: Red Truck is as American as, well, the bourbon and good old-fashioned root beer (made with cane syrup and honey) that goes into this signature dessert, which is also flecked with cherries and coated in a stunning white glaze with flaked almonds. A rich and dense double-chocolate moonshine cake also speaks volumes; it’s made with real double copper-pot-stilled corn Virginny hooch from the next county. And what could be more American than granola, in large blueberry, cranberry and cherry clusters that are as good for snacking as for breakfast; not only are we hooked but so is The Travel Channel's Andrew Zimmerman Zimmern, who named it the best granola in North America. Don't leave (the site) without ordering some hi-octane whole bean or ground coffee, grown without chemicals or pesticides, which is the perfect accompaniment to all of the above. The only thing missing is the apple pie.

If it's good enough for Robert Duvall...

Check out "Bobby's Breakfast-in-a-Box" aka your answer to breakfast in bed this Valentine's Day. Actor Robert Duvall, who lives up the road from Red Truck Bakery, created this package that's packed with their most popular items: sour cream coffee cake; homemade granola, Red Truck coffee and either a loaf of harvest wheat bread with dried cranberries, golden raisins and walnuts or four cranberry-walnut-orange muffins.