Artisanal spices and specialty salts that dreams are made of

By Sara Tan

Foodies, amateur cooks, and renowned chefs can all agree that the number one cardinal sin of cooking is under-seasoned dishes. Is there anything that ruins a gorgeous cut of steak or a freshly caught piece of salmon more than an absence of salt or not enough pepper? It’s equal parts tragic and offensive to all parties involved, including the food. But worry not, taste buds—prepare to leave those flavorless nightmares in the past, thanks to Salt Traders.

Think of Salt Traders as your dream pantry filled with artisanal spices and specialty salts you never knew existed. Only it’s not a dream—it’s the real-life brainchild of Chef Didi Davis, who became fascinated with specialty salts during a trip to Paris. Salt Traders is now the premier destination for those hoping to spice up their cooking (pun intended) with things like Sriracha-lime salt, Parameswaran’s Wynad pepper (it’s a thing), orange-ginger sugar, and Chinese five spice.

And as if all that wasn’t enticing enough, you can now have access to everything in their shop for 30 percent off. With BBQ season around the corner, you’re guaranteed to be the most popular grill master on the block. Your offerings? Ginger BBQ chicken, asparagus with sumac pepper salt, and Sriracha beer—to name a few.
Tasty tidbits
  • If you find yourself in Ipswich, Massachusetts, be sure to stop by the Salt Traders brick-and-mortar, which is open Monday through Friday from 10 am to 3 pm.
  • To learn how to fix up fried fish on the grill or simple syrups for your summer cocktails (think fresh mojitos with Maui gold sugar and orange lime with basil and gin), head over to their blog, The Salty Dog’s Blog.

Sriracha beer

Sriracha-lime salt
1 bottle IPA, lager, or ale

Place a small amount of Sriracha-lime salt on a plate or saucer. Rim a glass with a bit of water or lime juice. Dip glass in salt to rim all around. Fill glass with beer by tipping the glass and bottle of beer and gently pouring, being careful not to touch salt. Enjoy!