For the best seafood, go straight to the source

By Hannah Howard

Back in 1957, a fisherman in Anacortes, Washington decided to start smoking his catch, and we’re so glad he did. Tom Savidge and his wife Marie built a smokehouse for their succulent wild salmon in their own backyard, and the result was so delicious that local restaurants snapped it right up. Naturally, some customers wanted a way to keep the salmon even longer, for long trips or cross-country shipping, so Tom responded by inventing—and receiving a patent for—the Gold Seal pouch, which preserves the fish naturally, with no refrigeration required. Now sending SeaBear seafood to anywhere in the 50 states is a no-brainer.

Their signature item, traditionally Northwest-smoked wild Alaskan Sockeye salmon, is a stunner—1-1/2 pounds of rich, satisfying flavor in that gorgeous crimson hue. It’s the perfect appetizer for a classy affair: Guests can help themselves to succulent tender flakes, and the salmon speaks for itself. For a tasty and satisfying snack, order the Mustard & Crackers Party Pack, with Walla Walla crackers and sweet onion mustard.

SeaBear offers traditional lox, too, brined and smoked in small batches over a blend of fruitwoods and hardwood. There’s also the snow-white wild Alaskan halibut, sweet and super delicate, plus Alehouse Clam Chowder, which will make even the coldest night cozy. And for a gift that will make any recipient feel lucky, SeaBear’s gift baskets are packed with specialty goods from local artisans—Rainy Day coffee, Pop! chocolate–salted caramel popcorn, Dan the Sausageman summer sausage, Seattle Chocolates assorted truffles, and more.

Tasty tidbits

  • The Specialty Food Association calls SeaBear “super premium category leaders.”
  • notes that “Each pouch contains only pure, 100 percent wild salmon with a touch of sea salt and stays very moist thanks to the salmon's natural oils.”
  • Scoring premium smoked salmon for lunch ”couldn't have been easier," raved the Chicago Sun Times.

How Does It Work?

Like magic! But it’s not actually magic: SeaBear smokes the salmon, vacuum seals it in its pouch, and then cooks it in its own juices. This process preserves the fish without the need for additional preservatives—there are no nitrates, oils, or other additives, and no refrigeration is necessary until after the pouch is opened.

And when you do open it, there will be plenty of juices. Fear not, these are the natural oils that are released during the salmon’s cooking process, which is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, and swimmingly (sorry) healthy.