Seattle Chocolates

By Elizabeth Hurchalla

Ninety-percent cacao, dairy-free, stone-ground chocolate got you down? Seattle Chocolates is the perfect antidote with top-quality, all-natural ingredients packed into premium truffles and truffle bars that are velvety smooth and chocolaty without being overly sweet. We love the assorted one-pound gift bag, offering 16 fun flavors including Blackberry Crème, Coconut Macaroon, and Cappuccino Crunch. These bars pack a seriously delectable punch in two-and-a-half-ounce slabs; sample a peanut butter-dark chocolate that tastes like a sophisticated peanut butter cup, and a San Juan sea salt-milk chocolate truffle bar we defy any human to resist. Sure, Seattle’s better known for coffee and rain, but it’s also home sweet home to some seriously good chocolate awesomeness.

Present Perfect

Need a gift? Send a package of Seattle Chocolates. Whether it’s for your grandma or your best snobby foodie friend, everyone gets it… and yet it makes everyone feel special.