Sixth Course— One of the best chocolatiers in the world

By Jessica Schein

Oh chocolaaaaahhhhhte. For some of us it's more than just an after-dinner treat; it’s a day-maker and mood-changer. Sixth Course, a renowned artisanal confectioner based out of San Francisco, was named one of the best chocolatiers by the International Chocolate Salon earlier this year, and soon they will get the same accolades from you. The creations of the two pastry chef founders will appeal to both purists and the more adventurous. Take the St. George Whiskey Neat: Its whisperings of oak wrapped in sugary bliss are truly unforgettable. If spirits aren’t your thing, try the Rosemary, Sage & Brown butter, or Passion fruit caramels; their gooey goodness is infectious. While indulging in chocolates made with everything from cayenne pepper to chai tea, you may find yourself making odd noises. Don’t worry—it’s all part of the delicious process of coming to terms with the fact that the Sixth Course is that good.

Did you know?

  • The company is named as such because the sixth course is typically the dessert course.

  • Each set of six chocolates is wrapped in sustainable, fully recycled packaging.

  • Sixth Course uses fresh, local dairy products and hand-selected organic herbs in every batch.