Portland's exotic Smith Teamaker, sourced from around the globe

By Anne Zimmerman

If you’re from Portland, you can just stroll into Steven Smith’s little lab and tea store, occupying an old blacksmith’s shop, to order some elegant small batch teas and herbal infusions—another reason to love Oregon's food-friendly city. For the rest of us, Smith Tea blends—white, green, black, and oolong varieties, along with herbal infusions and iced teas—are available online, in the same elegant little packages and with the same delicate and aromatic ingredients sourced from all over the world. Our favorite? The Brahmin’s Choice, a mix of Indian Assam and Ceylon so smooth and rich you’d expect to find it being served in the drawing room at Downton Abbey, where they too would have to order it online.

Tea-ing off around the world

To find out where your Smith tea comes from, submit the batch number from the bottom of the package, and voila! An answer by email.