Sonoma Syrup Co.—Mixology gone natural

By Christina Mueller

The days of the white-capped soda jerk mixing your drink are long gone, but crafting your own elixirs is as modern as it gets. Sonoma Syrup Company’s American Artisan Soda Mixers capture the spirit of the times with a their line of handcrafted, well-balanced mixers that taste good enough to conjure up your favorite childhood memory.

The Cola soda syrup, made with real cola nut extract, is an instant classic, the notes of citrus, spice and vanilla as uplifting as they are familiar, while the Dark Cherry Cola soda syrup is a tantalizing mix of tart and sweet fruit. Studded with Tahitian and Bourbon vanilla bean seeds, the Vanilla Bean soda syrup treats your palate to a warm, rich flavor, and the Root Beer soda syrup’s caramel and vanilla smoothly transition to bright notes of sassafras and birch. All you need now is a straw and a maraschino cherry to set your inner mixologist free.

Word on the Street

  • Featured in Martha Stewart Living and O, the Oprah magazine
  • Made without corn syrup or artificial flavors and colors, Sonoma Syrups’ soda mixers taste homemade and put the big boys to shame.
  • Sonoma Syrup also features baking extracts, artisan infused breakfast syrups, and preserves for drizzling over cheese.

DIY mixology

Mix your own sodas:
Mix 1 part Sonoma Syrup soda mixer to 7 parts sparkling water—or, if you have a Soda Stream sparkling water machine, add 1/2 cup (4 oz) of mixer to 1 quart of water.

Mix fresh cocktails:
Make Cuba Libres with fresh, homemade cola or authentic Mai Tais with almond (Orgeat) syrup, or explore Sonoma Syrup's line of all-natural American Artisan Bar Mixers.