The culinary bounty of Spain is packed and ready to come to you

By Hannah Howard

Tapas! Jamón! Queso! The bounty of Spain is a mighty delicious one. But unless you already have your ticket booked, we’ve got the next best thing: Spanish Suitcase. The quickie story: When Paul and Tara DeGeorges jetted off for a honeymoon in Spain, the gorgeous goodies at the local grocery stores and boquerias delighted their stomachs and hearts—so much so that they needed to buy an extra suitcase to haul it all home.

Inspired by their booty, the couple started Spanish Suitcase, to bring the culinary wonders of Spain directly to your doorstep. No, you won’t get an actual suitcase, but you will receive a nifty suitcase-shaped box full of fantastic finds. It’s a no-brainer, either as a gift or for yourself. The “suitcases” come in varying sizes and themes; seafood lovers can dig into tins of tuna belly in olive oil, mussels and anchovy-stuffed olives; the Chef Suitcase will leave a kitchen well-stocked with Spanish staples like smoky paprika, fresh olive oil, and saffron threads. Digging through all the treats feels like the best sort of treasure hunt—Marcona almonds, olive oil potato chips, organic dark chocolate sprinkled with fleur de sel from Ibiza. All that’s left is to pour a glass of sherry and dig in. ¡Buen apetito!
Word on the Street
  • Spanish Suitcase was featured as one of Food & Wine’s “Editors’ Top Ten” favorites.
  • Food Republic's Design Finds called Spanish Suitcase "Iberian goods with style," and a great holiday gift for the "Wannabe Jetsetter."
  • The Culture-ist included Spanish Suitcase in its “5 Consciously Cool Gift Ideas that Say ‘Thoughtful, Personal and Artisanal.’”
  • Each delivery is packaged in an eco-friendly, custom keepsake suitcase box. Collections come complete with a “passport” full of info about the products and recipe ideas.
  • The boxes are specifically tailored to make all kinds of food-lovers happy—from a “suitcase” of hand-selected tuna to one filled with Spanish chocolates.

Spanish staples: ingredient spotlights

Olive oil: Spain is not only the largest producer of olive oil in the world, it is one of the best. Try using some of this glorious olive oil as a condiment—drizzle on raw and cooked veggies, plus seafood and meat.

Sherry vinegar: In a balsamic rut? Sherry vinegar is just as stunning and flavorful. It's made from the finest sherry wine, then aged for an average of six years in sherry barrels.

Saffron: What gorgeous color—and what a distinctive, wonderful flavor. Saffron yields such a hefty price tag because it is painstaking to harvest, requiring more than 10,000 flowers to yield a single ounce when dried.