Stonehouse Olive Oil

By Sean Timberlake

So many oils. So much information, but not much you can trust—even price is meaningless when picking the best oil. But this summer, you can give all your food just the right finishing touches with the confidence that comes from using Stonehouse California Olive Oil, which produces all extra virgin olive oils that taste of their sunshine-dappled groves in the Sierra Nevada foothills. By blending up to six types of olives at different degrees of ripeness, they produce oils with grassy, fruity notes like their House Olive Oil, while the Estate Blend is made entirely with very ripe olives for an extremely buttery flavor. The flavored oils are studies in subtlety, with a gentle whisper of garlic or the kiss of ripe citrus such as blood orange or Persian lime. Of course, the perfect compliment to olive oil is nice, rich balsamic vinegar. Stonehouse’s imported dark balsamic is produced in the traditional method and aged up to five years for a deep, almost molasses-like flavor. It’s oil you need for perfect pastas, salads or just to dunk a hunk of rustic bread in. And wait till you try a drizzle on ice cream!

Olive Oil on Ice Cream

This new taste sensation is gaining fans everyday. Here are some combinations to try.

Vanilla ice cream + Stonehouse House Olive Oil + black salt

Chocolate ice cream + Stonehouse Estate Blend + fine grey sea salt

Strawberry ice cream + Stonehouse Meyer Lemon Olive Oil + flaky Maldon salt

Frozen yogurt + Stonehouse Persian Lime Olive Oil + Murray River flake salt