Studiopatró - Stuff your stockings with gorgeous linens and tea towels

By Anne Zimmerman

Those dusty-toned cloths you see stylishly tossed across marble countertops in glossy magazines and high-end show houses? Take a look next time, and we’ll bet they’re from Studiopatró. There’s no question they make an elegant tea towel, as well as gorgeous bags and aprons—in neutral tones often hand-inked with words and patterns in greens, blues, and oranges that stand out like the sun on a cloudy day. San Francisco designer Christina Weber starts with the idea that the humble “dish towel” shouldn’t be any less elegant than the rest of your kitchen. There’s only one problem: Everything from Studiopatró is so pretty, people sometimes can’t bear to use them for everyday spills and quick clean-ups. And that’s a shame, because these linens make gorgeous gifts for home cooks. Just remind your friends (and make a note yourself) that the company swears the cloth improves with every washing, getting softer and more crumpled each time, like a favorite shirt. Go ahead, wipe your hands.

Tea towels to the rescue at the holiday table

Studiopatró has its own thoughts about what you can do with a tea towel that doesn’t involve grimy hands or epic spills. We love the idea of re-purposing tea towels as place mats, napkins, and runners for a simple but dressed-up dinner. And how about using a tea towel to wrap a gift—a favorite cookbook or a bottle of wine? Nobody will throw this wrapping paper away.