Accidental Wine Co. — rare Cabs, Chiantis, and CA finds

By William Sertl

Finding a good wine at a reasonable price is no accident. But it just might be Accidental, a company started by two guys and a gal in LA who seek out wines they love at a price they like even better. Through their connections in California, France, and Italy, they have come to know the winemakers, as well as the wines, which are never chosen because of any perceived quality but because—hey—they like them. They know the distributors, which leads to volume deals. Now, Accidental Wine is offering BBE members a reduced price on their already inexpensive deals, each with a quality wine that should cost a lot more—a Tenuta di Riseccoli 2005 Chianti Classico, for example, and a Napa Valley Cab from Ampersand, with 100% estate-grown fruit from the second label of Darms Lane Wine. French wines—like the light and elegant 2008 Pinot Noir from tiny La Belle Inconnue, in Burgundy—are also represented. And that’s no accident.

Talk to them about wine

Shopping online with The Accidental Wine Company is a bit like chatting up a local merchant whom you’ve known for years. Thus we find out not just which wines were picked but why, based on the quirks of each owner. David, we learn, “is really frugal so finding good wines for everyday … is his pursuit.” Janice prefers “good wines with reputation and breeding,” while Micah’s selections include “the more expensive options.”