By Christina Mueller

Need to bring a sense of place to your table? theUncommonGreen offers a range of home wares that come designed with etched maps of both American and international locales. From Paris to Portland and most points in-between, street maps of major cities can be found on theUncommonGreen’s pint glasses, tumblers, wine glasses—even on a 24-ounce carafe. For their non-porous, food-safe serving boards, smooth grey slate quarried in Vermont is etched with state outlines, including major roadways and cities. The striated edges showcase the natural character of the slate, while no-slip cork feet hold the serving piece in place—no matter what state you’re in.

A habitable habitat

Founder Brian Johnson was a mechanical engineer designing industrial products before breaking away in 2009 to apply his ideas to home goods. Today theUncommonGreen’s products are produced in partnership with local artisans and small businesses, and are made using Earth-friendly materials and practices.