Mobile do-it-yourself cocktail kits

By Jane Kellogg Murray

The next time you’re cruising at an altitude of 50,000 feet, wouldn’t it be nice to unwind in your seat with a proper cocktail? It just might turn that cross-country red-eye flight into something a bit more bearable.

Twist Your Spirits hopes to be your cocktail savior, whether with a kit you can pack in your carry-on, or to spice up your at-home cocktail game. The company has partnered with award-winning mixologists to create eight dynamic cocktail recipes, each packed into a compact box with all the ingredients you need—minus the alcohol. The Speak Easy Dirty Martini offers a simple twist on the signature vodka and vermouth drink, incorporating Scrappy’s Celery Bitters, Dirty Sue Premium Olive Juice, and Oloves chili-oregano olives for garnish. Just add vodka and you’re holding something that’s worth celebrating—and one kit will stretch out for six drinks.

A closer look at Twist Your Spirits’ ingredients reveals the company’s interest in supporting small business owners like themselves. Garnishes like the dried orange slices from Simple & Crisp, or the interesting extracted flavors from Scrappy’s Bitters, might even make for good icebreaker fodder when chatting up your new friend across the airplane aisle. More than anything, these artisanal kits take the guesswork out of mixing your next drink. Cheers to that.
Tasty tidbits

  • The Los Angeles–based company was founded by three female entrepreneurs who had all previously built careers in corporate America—decades of “drinking to numb the pain,” as co-founder Judy Sachs puts it.
  • Twist Your Spirits also accepts custom orders, and they can personalize any of their drink kits with your special design for a fun twist on the traditional party favor. Previous clients have included corporate events and even a wedding.
  • In addition to a curated list of ingredients, each kit comes with jiggers, coasters, stirrers, and a recipe so you can easily enjoy your cocktail on the go.

Chile-spiced old-fashioned

yield: 1 cocktail

This cocktail was developed for Twist Your Spirits by mixologist Kim Stodel, who spends most of his time behind the bar at the illustrious Michelin-starred Providence in Hollywood. The spice from the chile syrup adds an unexpected flair, while the chocolate bitters add a deep, earthy flavor—a complement to the smooth, smoky Bourbon of your choice in this twist on a classic old-fashioned.

¼ oz of Royal Rose Three Chile Syrup
8–10 drops of Scrappy’s Chocolate Bitters
1-½ oz of bourbon or whiskey

Fill glass with ice. Stir ingredients 10 to 15 times, and garnish with one or two Simple & Crisp orange slices. Refrigerate chile syrup after opening. The contents in the kit will make up to eight of these cocktails.