Unbound Pickling: eat this now—pickled cherries

By Anthony Todd

Pickling and preserving couldn't be hotter right now, but most people don't immediately think "cherry" when they hear "pickle." And that's a darn shame, as the pickled cherries from Unbound Pickling will easily convince you. For one thing, this Portland pickler uses only local and seasonal ingredients to create wild flavor combos, so its cherries bear no resemblance whatsoever to those artificially-flavored fluorescent orbs plunked into your Shirley Temple as a child. Marinated in a sweet-spicy brine that’s laced with vanilla and tarragon, these pickled cherries make a perfect topping for roast chicken, funky cheese, or hot salami—if you get that far without plucking them out of the jar first to eat with a spoon. You can even toss them into a Manhattan (see below) with a tablespoon of brine to rocket your drink into the stratosphere.

Cherry on Top

Here are a few ways to get the most out of your pickled cherries:

Yes, use one to perfect your Manhattan;

Serve alongside chicken, duck, or beef;

Add a few cherries to a blender with some vanilla ice cream and voilà: cherry vanilla milkshake;

Throw a few onto your charcuterie and cheese plate;

Simply put one on top of your dessert sundae.