Valerie Confections

By Nicki Richesin

Valerie Confections means serious sweet tooth business. Think bittersweet Valrhona chocolate–covered toffee squares nestled beneath ruffled paper. You’ll be tempted to hoard them away and greedily nibble every piece of salty sweet crunch, especially the almond fleur de sel, ginger, and orange toffees lightly sprinkled with sweet fairy dust. A darling box of assorted petits fours left us smitten, and a bag of addictive pumpkin seed caramels beautifully presented with cinnamon-colored ribbon is a pretty classy halloween pressie for someone special.

Chocolate Halloween Shenanigans

With Halloween just around the corner, why not host a “Death by Chocolate” party? If you serve Valerie’s hot chocolate, chocolate cake, and their grand assortment of truffles, toffees, and caramels, your guests will thank you from the bottom of their sinful hearts for the warm comfort of dear friends and deep dark chocolate. Sigh.