Sugar, spice, and the marshmallows we can't stop thinking about

By Julia Bainbridge

We don't normally think of marshmallows as stand-alone treats. They melt on top of hot cocoa, or squish between slabs of chocolate and Graham crackers. But Whimsy and Spice's powdered little cubes are ripe for the munching. And in flavors like passionfruit and maple, that's how their makers, husband-and-wife team Mark Sopchak and Jenna Park, intended them: to be popped into your mouth like sweet, cloud-like potato chips. There are plenty of other confections and baked goods in Whimsy and Spice's arsenal: the honey lavender shortbread cookies and chocolate chili cashew biscotti are particular favorites, and there are also thumbprints, brownies, and sandwich cookies. But if you must choose, we say put your money where you want your mouth to be, which is full of marshmallows.


When you don't have time to schlep everyone to the wilderness try camping out in your backyard or as we call it "glam-ping," glamorous camping. What do you eat when you go "glamping"? Martha Stewart's S'mores Cookies—topped with maple Whimsy and Spice marshmallows of course. Trust us, it’s a whole new way to love the great outdoors.