Zukali Mexican Gourmet

By Christina Mueller

You can buy salsa from the grocery store, sure, but you won’t find anything nearly as unique, fresh and flavorful as Salsa Xalapa on the shelves. Their Chipolte Kafe salsa won 1st place People's preference Award at Zest Fest 2013 and that's just one of their fire-roasted, tongue-tingling concoctions developed by pepper pro Cesar Sanchez.

Crafted in McKinney, Texas (where they know a thing or two about chilis), the roasted peppers and salsas are the result of Sanchez’s obsession with grilled jalapeños—an obsession that resulted in these party-perfect toppers and dips that your friends will really talk about. The South-of-the-border spices are tempered by non-traditional ingredients like a hint of soy sauce, pineapple and coffee, making you wonder whether your Mexican vacation took a quick Asian detour. The chunky, lime and vinegary salsa, along with Sanchez’s other varieties of fire-roasted peppers, are a no-brainer accompaniment to arepas and 7-layer dips… that is, if you already haven’t eaten them all straight from the jar.

Sassy Salsas

Go South: Use roasted peppers to dress bean or beef tacos, nachos, eggs, or any other dish that needs a spicy pick-me-up.

Go further South: Swap Salsa Xalapa for chimichurri sauce.

Kick up your brunch: Whirl in a blender until smooth; add by the tablespoon to your favorite Bloody Mary mix.