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7 breakfast sandwiches in SF worth waking up for

Here’s the thing about breakfast sandwiches: The basic components are simple, generally inexpensive, and not that difficult to prepare. With a modicum of kitchen smarts, you should be able to make a decent one for yourself at home. So when you’re going to go out and pay for one, well, it better be something pretty damn special. Here are seven breakfast sandwiches in San Francisco that will definitely brighten your morning.

Café Reveille: Egg Sandwich ($7.00)
You’ve got to give the guys at Café Reveille props. Usually “getting creative” with a breakfast sandwich translates to adding an unusual condiment or featuring a protein not called bacon. Here, however, they’ve gone wonderfully rogue with their egg sandwich, turning it inside out: The top layer is actually a toad-in-a-hole—or egg in a basket, whatever you want to call it—sunny-up egg, and sandwiched in between is melted Cheddar, sriracha aïoli, and avocado. Genius.
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Devil’s Teeth Baking Company: Breakfast Sandwich ($5.50)
Is it possible that there’s a better vehicle for a breakfast sandwich than a good biscuit? The folks in Outer Sunset who line up for Devil Teeth’s award-winning breakfast sandwich know there isn’t. Two scrambled eggs with Cheddar cheese, and applewood-smoked bacon on a house-made buttermilk biscuit—simple, classic, and perfectly satisfying every time.
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The Lunchpad: Green Eggs & Ham ($7.00)
A sleeper favorite among in-the-know Hayes Valley lunchgoers, this perma-pop-up located within Noir Lounge is known for slaying the sandwich game. Their brunch menu offers a couple options in the breakfast sandwich department, but the Green Eggs & Ham is an easy favorite. It substitutes the more classic bacon for a juicy slice of ham steak and pairs it with a fried egg, red onions, garlic aioli and arugula on pain de mie.
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Café St. Jorge

Café St. Jorge: Baked Egg Breakfast Slider ($6.75)
Sweet and savory show their total and utter compatibility in the breakfast sandwich at this charming, Portuguese-inspired Bernal Heights café. Their baked egg breakfast slider features a thick patty of how-did-they-get-this-so-fluffy baked egg topped with sriracha butter, arugula, and melted cheese on a sweet Portuguese roll. And if you’re willing to shell out a couple extra bucks, it’s worth upping the ante with the addition of ham or smoked salmon and avocado.
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La Torta Gorda: Chorizo, Egg & Cheese ($6.45)
This unassuming Mission spot is known for its seriously stacked sandwiches. Deciding between the laundry list of torta variations can be agonizing (not that you can really go wrong), so at least if you’re in the mood for a breakfast sandwich your choice is clear. There are only three options and the chorizo, egg, and cheese is your clear no-duh winner.
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Bacon Bacon

Bacon Bacon: The Breakfast Sandwich ($7.50)
The name of this swine-worshiping concept sets the bar pretty high as far as great breakfast’s expectations go. And, yeah, suffice it to say the breakfast sandwich checks all the boxes: buttery brioche bun, fried egg with runny yolk, melted Cheddar, thick crispy bacon (obvi), bacon jam (who needs that fruit stuff anyways?), and—bonus!—it’s served all day, at both café locations.
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The American Grilled Cheese Kitchen: Veggie Egg & Cheese ($6.45)
If you’re a carnivore it can be difficult for a breakfast sandwiches to compete if it doesn’t include bacon, ham, prosciutto, fried chicken—something meaty. But AGCK’s sandy is legit. Their veggie egg and cheese comes on local, custom made French country levain bread and includes a winning combo of a fresh fried cage-free egg, Cheddar, Monterey jack, tomatoes, caramelized onions, and arugula, and while there’s definitely a knee-jerk instinct to add on Zoe's local bacon or artisan cured ham for just $1, it’s perfectly delicious without.
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