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7 places where family-style means good food

Admit it: You’re guilty of food envy. Watching someone order a dish you wish you’d chosen can leave you distracted and unable to enjoy your own meal. Well, family-style dining may be the miracle cure to your problem. With family-style, you can order—and have—it all. Don’t hold back. Try a little bit of everything and leave your meal feeling both full and satisfied. The next time you’re in charge of the group dinner reservation, consider one of these family-style-friendly Chicago restaurants.

Tête Charcuterie lives up to its name with plates that are made for the whole table
Any restaurant with "charcuterie" in its name is just asking to be labeled as a family-style spot, but Tête Charcuterie was also just tagged a best new restaurant by Chicago Magazine, and for good reason. Order the charcuterie board, the chef's selection of unique, house-cured meats, including coppa, pancetta, and dry-aged smoked bacon. You won't be disappointed, no matter what’s included.

Really feel like family at La Scarola
This hole-in-the-wall Italian restaurant really puts the "family" in family-style dining. Gaze from the dining room right into the kitchen as chefs prepare classic Italian dishes like veal Marsala and linguini with clams. The entrees are big enough to feed a crowd, and taste just like how Grandma’s cooking used to, but even better.

Dine like the chairman of the board at Twin Anchors
Who wouldn't want to have their meal at a table once used by Frank Sinatra? On multiple trips to Twin Anchors back in the day, the famous crooner brought friends to share in his favorite, their famous ribs. We’d recommend ordering the same when dining here family-style, but throw in a few orders of the baked beans and onion rings, just for good measure.

Club Lucky makes it easy for everyone to share the meal
This mid-century-themed supper club turns out all of your Italian favorites, and for those with health restrictions, Club Lucky also offers gluten-free and whole wheat pasta substitutions. Finally, your gluten-free friends can join in the fun of family-style Italian dining with the rest of you.

Slabs of steak that practically demand sharing at Erie Café
The classic steakhouse prices at Erie Café may seem a bit steep—until you see the portion sizes. The lamb chops, bone-in rib eye steak, and shrimp DeJonghe can easily be shared by two (or even three) people. Even the broiled petite filet is anything but diminutive. Feast on your favorite cut of meat with your favorite people, all while enjoying a beautiful view of the Chicago River.

Try all the fried chicken that Crisp has to offer
If you’re like us, you might have trouble deciding between the Seoul Sassy wings and the Crisp BBQ fried chicken at this Korean spot. Our suggestion? Just get both. All of the finger-licking chicken dishes are meant to be mixed and matched, so your group can try all of the delicious sauces and varieties Crisp has to offer.

Bring the raw bar to you at the Cherry Circle Room
What better way to eat family-style than by creating your very own raw bar right at your table? At this stunning new restaurant in the recently-renovated Chicago Athletic Association, you can order fresh oysters, tuna crudo, classic shrimp cocktail, and caviar, all before you even make it to the second half of the menu—which is equally delicious.

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