Black pepper pork at Proxi

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By Lauren Shapiro Mandel

Fall in Chicago means changing leaves, cooler temperatures, and a whole new array of seasonal ingredients to incorporate into menu items. It also means searching for the best comfort foods and dishes, and we’ve found six of the best at some of the city’s hottest new restaurants.

Black pepper pork at Proxi
Nothing warms up a dish quite like an array of spices, and black pepper is one of the most flavorful and pungent you can use. The black pepper pork at Proxi is a spicy, comforting dish you’ll want to eat all season long. And just when you think that pepper might overpower the dish, apple and mint come in to save the day.
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Pizzeria Bebu

Bebu meatball pizza at Pizzeria Bebu
This pizza spot is hidden away in Lincoln Park, but you’ll want to find it just for the chance to try their Bebu meatball pizza. The meatballs are made in-house, and giardiniera and ricotta cheese make it a unique but familiar tasting pie.
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Carrot dumplings at Clever Rabbit
Clever Rabbit is one of a handful of veggie-forward restaurants that have opened in Chicago this year, and the carrot dumplings are a standout on this well-rounded menu. Smooth carrot puree is perfectly spiced with ginger and other warm flavors, making for a fulfilling—yet still vegetarian—bite.
Neighborhood: Ukrainian Village MAP

Onion rings at Giant
Onion rings? On a must-try roundup? You read that correctly, because the onion rings at Giant in Logan Square are unlike any you’ve ever tried. These onion rings are lightly fried and topped with chile salt and a dusting of Parmesan cheese.
Neighborhood: Logan Square MAP

Onion dip at Daisies

Onion dip at Daisies
This may be a pasta-focused restaurant, but that doesn’t mean the rest of the food isn’t just as delicious. If you’re getting an appetizer, look no further than the onion dip. Its fresh and creamy texture makes it an easy crowd-pleaser, and best of all, it comes with ridged potato chips, just like when you were a kid.
Neighborhood: Logan Square MAP

Roast turkey hoagie at Bar Lupo
These sandwiches are River North’s best-kept secret. Bar Lupo churns out tasty Italian food all day, but at lunchtime, they offer different types of hoagie sandwiches for on-the-go Chicagoans. The roasted turkey version is loaded with avocado, giardiniera mayo and a tangy vinaigrette, but the Italian is equally tasty.
Neighborhood: River North MAP

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