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By Trevor Felch

DOSA’s fundraisers for Kerala, India flooding relief
2.5 million people in Kerala have been affected recently by some of the heaviest rains ever in the Southern Indian state. Visiting the region for research last spring, DOSA’s owner Anjan Mitra and executive chef Arun Gupta were deeply touched by the kindness and generosity of their hosts, as well as by the rich culture. As several of DOSA’s other chefs also have family in the area, the restaurant has partnered with Oxfam to donate 20 percent of proceeds from two early October dinner fundraisers for Kerala flooding relief. On October 9 and 10, DOSA on Valencia will serve a $65 three-course dinner starting with “potato masala” and peach and avocado dahi puri, followed by several first and second course options, where each table picks two for the first course and three for the main course, follows by a selection of desserts. A $75 per person menu is also available with a multi-dish goat-centric course as the main (best for a group of 4 to 6). If you can’t make these dates, you can still donate to Oxfam and help those affected in Kerala.
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Absinthe Suissesse at Alba Ray's (photo: New Revolution Media)

Revisiting the forgotten NOLA cocktails at Alba Ray’s
Every night and weekend brunch service is a Sazerac and French 75–filled celebration at Alba Ray’s, the Mission’s ode to New Orleans. Now, there’s another reason to go here: The Destination NOLA cocktail menu, which explores the lesser-known historic cocktails of the city. You’re probably well acquainted with the Ramos gin fizz and Vieux Carrés, but how about the Absinthe Suissesse or the Café Brulot? Now is the time to get to know a half-dozen of these lost classics on the menu designed by NOLA expert and Bay Area food and drink writer (and Blackboard Eats contributor!) Virginia Miller. Guests can order a revamped passion fruit–forward hurricane, or enjoy fun SF tweaks on NOLA standards, like the Alameda-made St. George absinthe in that Absinthe Suissesse, or the Ancho Verde, a local nod to brandy milk punch in the Mission Milk Punch.
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Celebrate Oktoberfest Ferry Building–Style with Fort Point Beer Co.
The crowds are descending on Munich as usual this time of year, to quaf liters and liters of beer in tents. The same is about to happen here, too, albeit in a slightly more intimate setting, with more hoppy beers, and fewer lagers and helles beers. Fort Point Beer Co. is holding an Oktoberfest celebration in an extended outdoor pop-up beer garden space on the Embarcadero promenade each Friday through October 12, starting nice and early at 11 a.m. and going until 8 p.m.—well past the evening ferry rush hour. Several of the regular Fort Point beers will be on tap along with specials like the Lobos session IPA and the Golden English golden ale served on nitro. As a bonus, pretzels and hot dogs with fun sauce and topping options will be available to create the ideal Oktoberfest pairing.
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An Argentinian asado feast at Lolinda
Carnivore alert: Mark Sunday, September 30 on your calendars now. San Francisco’s leading Argentina-inspired steakhouse always offers a host of tempting meaty dishes, but will finally hold its first (and hopefully annual) classic Argentinean Asado prix-fixe dinner. Held at a communal table on the mezzanine, the $55 per person family-style dinner includes a host of appetizers like empanadas and heart of palm salad, then various grilled meats, corn pie, potatoes, and vegetables. Dessert will be alfajores dulce de leche sandwich cookies and boozy shakes—two Lolinda signatures. Wine pairings are available the night of for $35.
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New England comes to the Presidio for clambake Sundays at PSC
Now that summer is over, we can finally enjoy some actual warm, fog-free days in the Bay Area. That means it’s a great time to visit some of SF’s most beautiful patios, like the one at Presidio Social Club. The classic American restaurant always has a fun Texas BBQ series in summer, but now they’re moving east—to New England. Each Sunday through October 14, there’ll be a dinner clambake of three courses for $48. After a Boston Bibb lettuce salad, guests enjoy steamed Maine lobster, clams, mussels, sweet corn, and potatoes, then fittingly conclude with Boston cream pie. Refreshing regional beverages like the Cape Cod cocktail and Seabreeze will also be offered.
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Barrio’s opening boosts the North Beach dining scene
Despite being one of San Francisco's nightlife epicenters, North Beach hasn’t seen a recent major restaurant boom like Hayes Valley, the Mission, and the Marina. But the opening of Barrio—a Latin American-themed concept with a strong craft beer roster—is already bringing diners back to the area. Business Partners Tim Milojevich and Billy Riordan met as chefs at SF’s Peruvian cuisine star, La Mar, thus the wide array of Latin cuisines on Milojevich’s menu. House-made heirloom blue corn tortillas with the corn sourced from Oaxaca star as the base for tacos and quekas (quesadillas), but the concise menu expands across various regions to the south, with ceviche, fried yucca, and guacamole. There's also a carefully crafted local beer list that Barrio is serving. Best of all, the kitchen is open until 11:30pm and the bar serves drinks until midnight on Fridays and Saturdays, a welcome sight in this bars and clubs-filled area.
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HeyDay has your Salesforce Park picnic covered
The Salesforce Transit Center’s rooftop park is (finally!), offering a much-needed green oasis in the heart of the frenetic FiDi/SoMa area. The charming daytime café HeyDay is celebrating the opening of the park by offering $30 “baskets” for two that you bring to the new park for a picnic. Each basket sports an order of four half sandwiches, salads, or soups (make sure to get the trout tartine), plus drinks and a pair of house-made chocolate chip cookies. It’s a great and delicious idea in exactly the right place, so you don’t have to worry about hauling a bunch of food around to go enjoy the new and spectacular park.
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The Kon-Tiki’s Burger is worthy of a Mai Tai–fueled detour
One of the Bay Area’s best new burgers of 2018 is in a tiki bar? That’s right. But, the food at downtown Oakland’s tropical newcomer, The Kon-Tiki isn’t your average tiki bar grub either. Executive chef Manuel Bonilla previously worked at Oakland's acclaimed Thai destination Hawker Fare. One of the early signature standouts is a messy yet fantastic burger sporting two four-ounce patties from Cream Co. (a terrific local, grass-fed and organic purveyor) that screams an intense, tangy charred meat flavor, enhanced by a pickles, kewpie mayonnaise, American cheese, and pineapple-Maui onion jam. Crispy spam can also be added, too, but it’s basically already perfect, especially when served with a spicy Absinthe-edged, rum-centric Montego Bay cocktail, or soaking up a second (and final) Zombie.
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Smokebread’s Spoon Salads raise the lunch bar
Nick Balla is a busy chef and entrepreneur—not just trying to serve delicious food, but also striving to find solutions to San Francisco’s never-ending restaurant industry issues. The chef became a national name for his distinctive Central European cooking at the now-closed Bar Tartine, and for trying atypical service formats at his intentionally short-lived Motze concept, and has also just announced that his next project is devoted to great cooking using food waste ingredients. But for the present, Balla is taking over the kitchen at the Perennial Tuesdays through Fridays for his Smokebread concept, serving some of the most vibrant, fulfilling “spoon salads” (think elevated chop salads) you’ll find in the city. To go with the taketa (Japanese sweet potato, broccoli, avocado, fennel, sprouts, seeds, and sunflower tahini), there’s that namesake sourdough and smoked potato–based bread, which indeed tastes as if it was marinated in bacon. (It wasn’t.) The bright and earthy sausage and sprouted lentils stew is the only non-salad entrée. Smokebread is already a popular takeout and Caviar delivery choice for beating the humdrum office lunch blues, but these dishes really are best enjoyed in the Perennial’s serene bar area.
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