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Flower Child



Eat This Now—The Wellness Edition

By Kelly Bone

While there has always been an undercurrent of healthy and clean eating in LA’s restaurant scene, innovation and education have raised the bar for mindful choices. Here are 9 of our current favorite dishes that taste damn good and may help us all live forever.

Mother Earth Bowl at Flower Child
The Mother Earth Bowl reaches into the ground to dig up a healthier take on rice salad. A mound of ancient grains is encircled with roasted sweet potato, portobello mushroom, sliced avocado, diced cucumber, a slather of broccoli pesto, and tender leafy greens with red pepper–miso vinaigrette and a confetti of hemp seeds. It tastes delicious just as presented, and even better when tossed together.
Neighborhood: Santa Monica MAP

Rice porridge at Destroyer
The kitchen of Jordan Kahn’s Destroyer rose out of the deafening silence that followed the closure of Red Medicine. Described by LA Weekly’s Besha Rodell as the “most Instagrammable restaurant in the known universe,” dishes here encapsulate the beauty of the imperfect. The refined rice porridge—an arrangement of burnt onion upon a powdery bed of caramelized broccoli and puffed rice—displays Kahn’s minimalist aesthetic while starting with its depth of flavor.
Neighborhood: Culver City MAP


Savory donut holes at Erven
In every diner’s personal culinary journey, there is a pivot point—and for those who balk at vegan cuisine, Santa Monica’s Erven has been the game changer. Here, chef Nick Erven spins notions—and vegetables—into dishes of surprising concept and depth. Order the savory donut hole snack with reckless abandon—engorged with tart sauerkraut and smoky-sweet applesauce, this unexpected merger toys with form as well as flavor—and succeeds.
Neighborhood: Santa Monica MAP

The Guac Burger at by CHLOE.
Nestled inside of Silver Lake’s 365 By Whole Foods, this West Coast outpost of the ever-affable Chloe Coscarelli’s plant-based burger chain slid into Los Angeles as smooth as vegan butter—and the Guac Burger here is as irresistible as Coscarelli’s smile. A black bean, quinoa, and sweet potato patty is topped with corn salsa, onions, the namesake guacamole, crunchy tortilla strips, and chipotle aïoli.
Neighborhood: Silver Lake MAP


Matcha green tea cake at Pomegranate
More than just vegan treats, the goodies that Pomegranate serves up are veritable slices of art, and the piece de resistance is the matcha green tea cake. The sponge cake base of flaxseed and rice flour is layered with coconut butter and milk mousse, with chewy bits of mochi and red bean. The organic bakery eschews common allergens like wheat, dairy, soy and nut, and while there is hiding the healthy slant of the kitchen, the proof is in the tasting.
Neighborhood: Beverly Grove MAP

Moros cakes at Kitchen Mouse
With Kitchen Mouse’s recent expansion into weekday dinner service, one of Erica Daking’s best dishes is now even easier to get your hands on: the moros cakes. Three pungent black bean and brown rice cakes atop crisp cilantro-serrano slaw tossed in tongue-tingling lime dressing. A wild drizzle of chipotle cream and cilantro-ginger chutney round out the plate, your palate, and anyone’s brunch, lunch, or, now, dinner.
Neighborhood: Highland Park MAP

Tocaya Organica

Chile-dusted tofu Baja tacos at Tocaya Organica
Dressed with organic cabbage and sweet chipotle sauce, the (non-GMO) chile-dusted tofu in Tacaya Organica’s Baja chipotle tacos highlight the restaurants curation of ingredients. With a commitment to sustainable sources and unrefined whole foods, Tocaya won’t make you wait ‘til Tuesday for tacos.
Neighborhood: Venice MAP

Potachos at Beefsteak
At this haven of all things green, potatoes are boiled, then frozen, then deep fried, then drizzled with sunflower sour cream, cherry tomato pico de gallo, pickled jalapeño, and micro greens. The crisp shell and luscious core of these potatoes taste like some sort of magical breading, but it's all potato—and chef Marcel Vigneron’s polished technique.
Neighborhood: West Hollywood MAP

Strawberry Serenity at Yoga-urt
The simple flavors often get overlooked. Though multitudes of sweet and fruity variations have preceded it, the Strawberry Serenity at Melissa Schulman’s Yoga-urt is a reminder that most strawberry desserts are simply getting a pass. The organic almond-cashew base of this frozen soft serve is given tangy probiotic life and turned flush with fresh strawberry puree. The made-from-scratch gluten-free waffle cones are practically a necessity.
Neighborhood: Glendale MAP

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