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Happy Birthday to You


    Bake Me a Wish

    Can you name a special occasion that isn’t made better by cake? Thanks to Bake Me a Wish, you've got over 24 cake flavors to choose from, including carrot, German chocolate, New York cheesecake, and various crumb cakes. READ REVIEW


    Blissful Brownies

    Using a recipe she began developing in a cooking class she enrolled in when she was just nine years old, FitzSimons has built her rapidly expanding business around a singularly fudgy, rich, and velvety brownie. READ REVIEW


    Brooklyn Brew Shop

    Want to wow ’em at your Super Bowl party? Time Out New York says: “Unlike Internet-bought sets that come with unsightly faux-plastic beer barrels (not to mention corn-syrup sweetener), Brew Shop’s classy glass gets the job done without ruining your aesthetic." READ REVIEW


    CAKE Chicago

    With their lumpy exteriors, Cake Chicago’s ugly truffles may not win any confectionery beauty contests, but they’ll melt your heart with their gooey ganache centers. READ REVIEW


    Chelsea Market Baskets

    Driven by a passion for finding high-quality, innovative products and carefully working them into exquisite preparations, Chelsea Market Baskets has perfected their take on the gift basket tradition with a smorgasbord of indulgences from around the world. READ REVIEW


    Danny Macaroons

    Dan Cohen started selling his artisanal macaroons to New York City coffee shops in 2010, but when Bergdorf Goodman started carrying his handmade coconut goodies, his brand really took off. READ REVIEW


    Grey Ghost Bakery

    These cookies are basically what you’d be baking if you had the time—and mad baking skills. READ REVIEW


    Legally Addictive Foods

    When Laura Shafferman was forced to quit marketing real estate due to a non-compete agreement, she started Legally Addictive Foods off the success of her flagship product, “Crack Cookies.” READ REVIEW



    Handmade on a small scale—about 50 craftspeople bend, hammer, press, rivet, and polish it to the highest level of perfection—Mauviel cookware is what you want when you want to get serious about your kitchen. READ REVIEW