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High Design



    “... a sophisticated (and often humorous) collection that ranges from Danish laboratory drinking glasses to a Czech porcelain Wellington boot vase.” —Metropolitan Home READ REVIEW


    Big Picture Farm

    What's better than farm fresh milk? Candy made from farm fresh milk. And that’s what Big Picture Farm specializes in. READ REVIEW



    Antiques dealer Jill Fenichell discovered the perfect formula for chaos: Combine precious porcelain with precious family. (And don’t mix well.) So she started making her own tableware, a combo of tough materials and timeless motifs and patterns of her own design. READ REVIEW



    Instead of pulling out the same old pie plates and casserole pans this year, why not put a fun twist on nostalgia and make those dishes from your childhood in the shape of your home state? READ REVIEW


    Esque Studio

    Justin Parker and Andi Kovel are literally breathing new life into the art of glassblowing, creating unique handmade, to-order pieces that are functional, beautiful, and collectible. READ REVIEW


    Jacaranda Home

    Specializing in luxurious handmade items for the home from Mexico and Latin America—all handmade and with a focus on sustainability. READ REVIEW



    A company that “... claims the humble, dish-and hand-drying tea towel as the sole canvas on which to unleash its sweet graphics.”—7x7 magazine READ REVIEW


    The Uncommon Green

    theUncommonGreen offers a range of home wares that come designed with etched maps of both American and international locales. READ REVIEW


    Wholesome Digs

    Wholesome Digs, a company started last year by a Seattle couple, sources eco-friendly serving boards, kitchen utensils, and more from artisans internationally. READ REVIEW