Hundred Acres

Hundred Acres, which a few years back took over the space of the much-beloved Provence on that lovely block of MacDougal that dips down into SoHo, is a romantic charmer of a restaurant. The well-heeled farmhouse theme; the three spacious rooms, each with its own distinct personality to fit your mood; and the friendly, hipster waitstaff (buzz cuts and the requisite beards on the men), make Hundred Acres a good choice any day of the year. But in the winter, when it’s generously done-up for the holidays in red and green, it seems to find its true calling. Walk in the door, and, subway tile and New York vibe notwithstanding, you’ll think you’ve been fast-forwarded to the New England inn of the classic film White Christmas. A sister restaurant to the popular Five Points and Cookshop, Hundred Acres serves very hearty portions of familiar favorites, each with a slight twist: The burger comes with charred-onion mayo; the fluke is fried with a sesame crust; the grilled steak sits beside duck-fat-fried potatoes. But don’t fret if you don’t make it in for holidays; seasonal decoration is part of the décor here, and new plants and branches (to fill the gorgeous vases) will go up as soon as the old stuff comes down.

menu musts*

Grilled Rhode Island squid with lentils and cranberries
House-made macaroni with cauliflower and formaggio di fossa
Dinosaur kale with anchovy dressing and Pecorino
Crispy fried fluke with Maine shrimp hush puppies
Pecan pie
*menu changes frequently
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sweet seats

In warm weather, the front room, with its wall of French doors that open onto MacDougal Street, is the place to be. In the winter, the softly lit middle room, with its well-spaced marble-topped tables, is the coziest choice.

chew on this

When your server offers the house-label water—which comes flat or bubbly—don’t pass it up. It comes all the way from Peru (Peru, Maine), and the carbonated version compares with some of some Europe’s best brands. It’s an environmentally correct choice: The source is local(ish), and the bottles are sent back to the water company for reuse.


lunch: Mon.–Fri. 12 noon–5 PM
dinner: Mon.–Sat. 5 PM–11 PM; Sun. 5 PM–10 PM
brunch: Sat.–Sun. 11 PM–3 PM
happy hour: Mon.–Fri. 5 PM–7 PM

price range

$18 (Bouchot mussels) to $27 (wild striped bass)