Marc Forgione

If the script calls for a romantic scene with a gorgeous couple putting little bites of food into each other’s mouth while basking in the bright glow of medieval-strength candlelight, shoot the movie here, at supper-club chic Marc Forgione. Add a Michelin star and a sassy-but-sweet-as-pie server you’d like to have parachute in to all the snooty places around town, and you’re in love. (P.S. Only 51 weeks until Valentine’s Day.) You might lust after the specials for two—like baby halibut from a wild fishery in Maine—but once you look over the regular menu, don't be surprised if you're not quite ready to share everything with your partner just yet.

menu musts*

“Mac and cheese” (spätzle, braised oxtail and Gruyère béchamel)
Kampachi tartare, avocado, pine nuts and micro cilantro
Long Island duck breast, black trumpet mushrooms, squash
Beer-, bacon-, and butter-braised suckling pig
Rum-soaked torta, blood orange syrup, crème fraîche ice cream
*menu changes frequently

sweet seats

One nice thing about this dining room is how easily it meshes the à deux crowd (at banquettes along the wall) with large parties in the center—plenty of space, not much noise and an acknowledgment that even romantic movies need some extras.

chew on this

Yes, Marc is the 31-year-old son of Larry Forgione, the “Godfather of American cuisine.” Yes, the restaurant was originally called Forge (the family nickname), until a Miami restaurant of the same name got huffy and puffy. No, you should not miss Suckling Pig Happy Hour on Tuesday evenings (6 PM–9 PM in the bar) if you like a lively scene.


dinner: Mon.–Sat. 5 PM–11 PM; Sun. 5 PM–9 PM
brunch: Sun. 11:30 AM–3 PM

price range

$25 (citrus-scented sea scallops) to $35 (New York strip steak)