Papa Cristo's

Before St. Sophia Greek Orthodox Cathedral graced the Byzantine-Latino Quarter, Sam Chrys ran a market called C&K Importing on the corner of Pico and Normandie, specializing in olive oil, wine, feta and all things Greek. More than 60 years later, thanks to Sam’s son Chrys Chrys, the market has expanded to include Papa Cristo’s Taverna, where all the food is prepared with utterly authentic Greek ingredients. The boxy building’s exterior is covered in murals of a Greek village, and inside you’ll find a collage of Chrys family photos and, in the flesh, Chrys himself behind a heraclean mustache. Order in the kitchen from the overhead menu, then take your number to the cavernous dining room decorated with Christmas lights and Greek posters. Papa Cristo’s makes a definitive gyro, but that's just the beginning.

sweet seats

Where you sit in the dining hall doesn’t make much difference. Just grab a blue-and-white-checked table and soak in the Aegean atmosphere.

chew on this

My Big Fat Greek Dinner ($18.95, Thursday from 6:30 PM) includes five appetizers, two entrées, baked pita, roasted potatoes, salad, green beans, nonalcoholic beverages, coffee, baklava—oh, and a belly-dancing performance. Reservations required; not available with BBE deal.


Tues.–Sat. 10 AM–8 PM; Sun. 9 AM–4 PM
closed Monday; no reservations

price range

$6.99 (souvlaki) to $15.99 (rack of lamb)
beer and wine but no liquor license