You've got to love the mixologists here. (No, not the guys behind the sweet little streetside bar, although they’re nice, too.) The three co-owners (one's the chef, another designed the place) who keep this restaurant in perfect yin-yang shape: It’s hopping but not too hopping, with a pure Tuscan farmhouse ambience (isn’t that a saw on the wall?) that stops short of Ol’ MacDonald rustic (only one saw on the wall). Tosca’s “Chocolate Elvis,” more Philip Glass than King Creole, wafts softly through the room. The ragù bolognese has a spicy finish you weren’t expecting at first bite, while the vitello tonnato keeps the classic creamy flavor but trades carpaccio for little fillets of veal tenderloin. Even the waiter plays his role to a tee. “I’m from Verona,” he says, with barely a trace of an accent. “You know, Northern Italy.” Just like Aurora.

sweet seats

The few tables in the center of the room (for four or more) have plenty of elbow room. Along the wall, the corner seats are best.

chew on this

Although the BlackboardEats deal isn’t available at the original Aurora Brooklyn, you might want to check it out if you live or play in Williamsburg.


lunch: Mon.–Fri. 12 noon–4 PM
brunch: Sat.–Sun. 11 AM–4 PM
dinner: Mon.–Thurs. 4 PM–11 PM; Fri.–Sat. 4 PM–12 midnight; Sun. 4 PM–10 PM
reservations suggested for lunch as well as dinner and brunch

price range

$16 (tagliatelle with rock shrimp) to $25 (black angus rib eye)