Little Star

Little Star

Pizza of the deep-dish variety is intimately associated with Chicago, and many fans feel it’s the water from Lake Michigan that makes it great. Here in the Bay Area that myth has been proven false, since Little Star Pizza makes pies that leave Chicagoans jealous. The Little Star in the Mission District is a narrow space with exposed-brick walls and those classic red-glass candle holders. The real draw here is the cornmeal crust pizza, cooked in butter and olive oil, stuffed with hot, chunky tomatoes, and with toppings such as the eponymous Little Star—spinach, mushroom and a rich blend of ricotta and feta—and the Classic, with savory Italian sausage and mushrooms. The 25-minute wait for a deep dish pie flies by as the eclectically stocked jukebox churns out a dozen great tunes you never heard before. A few cans of PBR helps, too. Thin crust pizza can also be had, but it is the sunken deep dish that the Left Coast considers the best pie west of the Windy City.

sweet seats

Sit along the back wall or next to the jukebox to control the tunes.

chew on this

In April 2009, a former Chicago resident, President Obama, served his favorite pizza at the White House. This pizza came from Pi Pizza in (can you believe it?) St. Louis. Pi Pizza’s owner, Chris Sommers, had moved to St. Louis from San Francisco to open his first pizza joint, and came to Sweet Home San Francisco to master deep dish at Little Star. So is Obama’s favorite pizza really Little Star?


Tues.–Thurs. 12 noon–10 PM; Fri.–Sat. 12 noon–11 PM; Sun. 12 noon–10 PM
closed Monday

price range

$11.50 (12 in. thin-crust cheese) to $23.50 (12 in. deep-dish Mediterranean chicken)