All About the Bread

By Joshua Lurie

Soft, crisp-crusted loaves at the eastern end of Melrose's trendy shopping corridor have ensured that a certain Santa Monica sub shop doesn’t dominate the entire LA sandwich scene. Here, the Signature option comes stacked with juicy roasted turkey, provolone, and “the works” (a.k.a. lightly-dressed lettuce, tomatoes, and onions), plus condiments and hot, Chicago-style peppers. The beef meatball is ladled with sturdy marinara sauce, provolone, and savory Parmesan. You order at the counter from a blackboard menu, but you will also want to check out the glass display case, which showcases several salads, including the Boccacini, with mild cow’s milk cheese balls, ripe cherry tomatoes, and basil; and the Mediterranean, with artichoke hearts, black olives, sun-dried tomatoes, peppers, and feta. You can also build your own veggie sandwich (and a vegan menu is on the way.) Pedestals near the register host stacks of gigantic, house-baked chocolate chip cookies, which prove impossible to resist.

sweet seats

A communal wooden picnic table occupies the center of the shop and invites conversation. A row of tables runs the length of the east wall, more out of the way, and six tables sit out front, featuring views of passersby.

chew on this

Eco-conscious diners will appreciate that the Green Restaurant Association certified All About the Bread, signifying efforts to incorporate sustainable building materials and recycling, plus energy, waste, and water reduction.


11 AM–9 PM daily

price range

$6.50 (small) to $8.50 (large) sandwiches
$3.50 (half pint) to $7 (pint) for salads