American Eatery—Go far west for the "far far west burger"

By Sean Finney

You can always get a burger, but you can’t always get a Far Far West Burger—one of the seasonal choices on American Eatery’s menu. Opened at the end of 2011, this Ferry Plaza takeout counter attracts a larger crowd than the sustainable butcher it’s attached to. Prime ingredients cooked skillfully make sandwiches, salads, soups, and sausages worth a few minutes wait. The unique mushroom mayonnaise on the Far Far West Burger perfectly complements the Swiss cheese and forest mushrooms, making ketchup and mustard completely unnecessary. For a lighter bite, seasonal soups like the creamy celery root & potato puree will keep you warm through the winter. Their sides are no asides; braised chard with dried cherries and almonds or spiced roasted pumpkin are healthy and habit-forming. While you’re there, peer into the Prather Ranch butcher case and think about really bringing home the bacon.

the crowd

Whether it’s the weekday crowd from nearby offices, or the foodie/tourist mix that characterizes the Ferry Building on weekends, lunchtime is rush hour. But efficient service gets you back in the sunshine, take-out bag in hand, in just a few minutes.

... on the side

eye for design
It may be a lunch counter but you can ask almost as many questions as at a sit-down restaurant. Where’s the beef from? What’s your favorite? What do we absolutely have to order? All these questions were happily and efficiently answered. Next please!

beans to spill
Think that burger or pork loin sandwich was delish? Take the same meats—plus cuts like NY strip or whole leg of lamb—and show your nearest and dearest what you can do with your own pan. American Eatery is part of (and physically attached to) the Prather Ranch Meat Co. butcher counter.

The gentle hum of the Ferry Plaza can always be escaped by finding a sunny bench with views of the Bay Bridge.


Mon–Fri 10 AM–6 PM; Sat 8 AM–4 PM; Sun 9 AM–5 PM

price range

$6 (potato leek soup) to $12.50 (Green Goddess burger)