Antonucci Café — A piccolo gem on the UES

By Stratton Easter

On an impossibly picturesque street on the UES sits Antonucci Café, a gem that wouldn't be out of place on the streets of Milan. Eclectic artwork graces the walls while faucet handles come straight from Italy. White jacketed waiters serve up classically simple Italian fare featuring homemade pastas. If the outdoor dining gods allow it, snag a street-side table and drink it all in.

A fresh and creamy cauliflower soup is packed with flavor, but light enough to leave you wanting more. What the eggplant parmesan may lack in visual pizzazz, it compensates for in cheesy, gooey goodness. Salty-sweet applewood-smoked bacon takes center stage in the foccaccia BLT, with hearty slices of tomato and hopelessly addictive shoestring fries. Bread comes with a gratis marinara dipping sauce featuring a goat cheese floater that won’t last long.

the crowd

There’s no shortage of Chanel skirt-suits and Hermes scarves here. You won’t find the youth of Williamsburg flocking en masse any time soon, but an eavesdropping ear could do far worse on the entertainment side.

... on the side



Mon–Sat 12 noon–11 PM; Sun 12 noon–10 PM

price range

$11 (foccacia BLT) to $24 (branzino)