Baby Blues BBQ

By Todd Cohen

Meat up at this LA take on a down-south smokehouse—Baby Blues fires up savory by the pound, serving quality ‘que to LA’s throngs of Dixie transplants. From the peppery punch of the brontosaurus-sized Texas-style beef rib, to some good ol’ fashioned fried green tomatoes, the comfort-fueled menu presents enough smoke and soul to satiate even the most homesick southerner. Each table is equipped with an assortment of house-made regional-style sauces, including a molasses-based sweet BBQ sauce and the legendary “XXX” sauce, a one-two-three punch of habanero, poblano, and serrano, for those looking to eat the heat. And while the funky roadhouse meets rock n’ roll brothel décor seems a touch too well-curated, it all jives with the laid-back, beer-swilling vibe of the joint. As the saying goes, “smoke ‘em if you got ‘em”… and fortunately for LA’s carnivores, this meatery has ‘em in spades.

... on the side

beans to spill
You’d never guess it, but co-owners (and chefs) Danny Fischer and Rick McCarthy hail from Philadelphia and New Jersey, respectively. And while they may be East Coast–raised, they split their loyalties evenly, describing their BBQ style as “hybrid,” with notes pulled from North Carolina, Texas, and Memphis.

if I were a movie star, I’d be…
Burt Reynolds circa Smokey and the Bandit—cocksure Southern charm up front and a char-black Firebird Trans-am out back just to prove he’s not messing around.



11:30 AM–10 PM daily

price range

$6.95 (lunch special) to $32.95 (“Blue Devil” platter; feeds two to three people with a choice of any four meats)