Bakin' & Eggs

By Anthony Todd

One step inside Bakin’ & Eggs and it’s immediately evident that the name downplays the game. For one thing, French Pastry School–trained husband and wife owners Gina and Bob Hartwig literally deliver the baked goods—from their other store, the beloved Lovely Bakeshop, just a couple of miles down the road. While the displays of freshly made pies, cookies, and cakes may stop you in your tracks, the enticing aroma of bacon will pull you in. Eggs range from simply “your way” to constantly changing frittatas. American breakfast classics take on a subtle French accent, with dashes of elegant Mexico-inspired breakfast burritos and chilaquiles. And of course, there’s the near legendary bacon, griddled into the rum batter waffle, or in its purest form, in the “flight of bacon”: five thick strips of maple pepper, jalapeño, honey, mesquite, and cherry smoked. So slide in to a reclaimed church pew, perhaps near nursery school kids or those nursing hangovers, and feel right at home as you dig into morning bliss.

sweet seats

For some privacy, try to get a seat in the window or along the wall furthest away from the pastry case. Well, perhaps just a bit of peace and quiet—the open-plan dining room also means that the restaurant tends to get noisy, especially if young children are about.

chew on this

Look in the pastry case for the cutest sugar cookies, iced to look like they're topped with tiny sunny-side-up eggs. Also, don’t hesitate to bring the kids, as there is a kids menu that includes a PB&J with housemade jam, of which jars are available to take home too.

price range for entrées

$8 (bacon waffle) to $12 (slt)


Mon.–Fri. 7 AM–3 PM; Sat.–Sun. 8 AM–3 PM