Batter & Berries

Charmekia Edelstein

Batter & Berries

By Tammy Green

What sets this stellar brunch spot apart from the pack is an obsession with flavor and presentation. House-made maple butter elevates French toast infused with fruit, and a welcome surprise of Guinness BBQ sauce is served on the cult favorite Arthur chicken sandwich. Like many Chicago chefs, Chef Rylon is also a gardener. Beds of herbs and tomatoes thrive on the roof of the Batter & Berries kitchen during the spring and summer, and their bounty makes appearances on fries, sauces, and batters, but steals the show in the house-made sausages. Word to the wise: Don't skip over the chicken and waffles—a gingered sweet potato waffle is liberally laced with chunks of tender fried chicken, doused in a homemade nutmeg hot sauce, and topped with house special maple butter and more fried chicken.

the crowd

Neighborhood families pop in over the weekend, but during the week commuters from across the city make Batter & Berries part of their routine.

... on the side

off the menu
The French toast special changes every Sunday. If you want to try the newest Chef Rylon creation alongside your menu favorites, ask your server for the "super" flight of French toast.

Moderate. It's easy to have a conversation over a cup of coffee.


8 AM–3 PM daily

price range

$7 (B&B breakfast sandwich) to $14 (The 2748 steak sandwich)