Go beyond the juice cleanse with Beaming

By Kelly Bone

Lisa Odenweller is on a mission to change how we view “the cleanse” by integrating whole foods into the juice-yourself-clean process. Not only does she feed you, but she also takes food-as-medicine to the next level at Beaming.

Comprising an online store as well as a string of cafes in San Diego and LA (with more on the way), Beaming offers an array of whole food cleanses, featuring their signature Lifestyle Superfood Cleanse, that gets you on a good track with realistic and delicious vegan meals—gluten-free, dairy-free, and mostly raw—as well as juices and smoothies. Their organic cleanses provide low-glycemic, superfood–rich dietary support that is intended to reduce inflammation and detoxify your body.

Beaming worked with top raw food chefs to develop their recipes, ensuring that the healthfulness of the cuisine never comes with a culinary sacrifice. And with treats like the raw zucchini lasagna and the superfood banana chocolate chip bread, it’s easy to get with the program.

As Odenweller puts it, “it’s an opportunity to reset, renew, and rejuvenate, helping you to experience the physical, mental, and emotional benefits of a healthy lifestyle without disrupting your everyday life.” Sign us up.


Mon–Fri 7 AM–6 PM; Sat 8 AM–5 PM; Sun 9 AM–5 PM

price range

$3 (Superfood Protein Bites) – $13 (Daily Salad)