This very welcoming bar and dining room harks back to an era in the turn of the previous century, when the signature American whiskey of the restaurant’s name was all the rage. You’ll love the old tavern chandeliers, salvaged doors, and bottles of dark-brown liquid so elegantly arranged above the 100-year-old mahogany bar. Even teetotalers will love the atmosphere, not to mention the grilled-but-ever-so-moist house-smoked Berkshire pork belly or good-as-sirloin Long Island duck breast that Cal Elliott (who has cooked at neighborhood faves like DuMont and the Michelin-starred Dressler) turns out every day, along with an appetizer of pan-roasted quail with creamy polenta and “ravioli” made of goat-cheese filled slices of beet. (Check out how to make it on Rye’s Facebook page.) This is the Williamsburg hot spot for all neighborhood hipsters, who insist on cutting-edge cuisine but know that refined decor from a gentler time—not to mention an old-fashioned or two on the side—really helps take the edge off. We know Rye is packed on weekends, but snagging a table is usually no problem during the week.

sweet seats

Any leather banquette is the best seat in the house.

chew on this

Thanksgiving approaches. What if you could skip the big do this year—especially if the family drives you to drink anyway. Yes! Rye is open on Thanksgiving Day (note: the BBE special does not apply on the holiday), and will be serving a special turkey dinner with all the fixin’s along with the regular menu. In a break from usual policy, reservations will be taken (and are recommended) for this special event.


dinner: Sun.–Thurs. 6 PM–11 PM (bar till 1 AM);
Fri.–Sat. 6 PM–12 midnight (bar till 2 AM)
brunch: Sat.–Sun. 11 AM–4 PM
*reservations for parties of six or more only

price range

$18 (wild-mushroom lasagna) to $28 (braised lamb shank)