Strong sangria and authentic Argentinian steak in Alphabet City

By Maria Yagoda

As you pass through the lush red curtains to enter this bright Argentinian steakhouse tucked away in Alphabet City, you’ll be ushered to a table already topped with garnishes and nibbles: chimichurri and criolla sauces, charred bread, soft butter. Striking a satisfying balance of refined and casual, Buenos Aires is the perfect place to catch up with friends over steak and wine. As you might expect, the exhaustive menu is heavy on expertly grilled meats, whether as starters, entrées, or sides, along with several Italian dishes, in a nod to Argentina’s large Italian population.

Every Thursday, the restaurant receives a shipment of buffalo mozzarella and burrata from Naples, for a decadent appetizer second in popularity only to the fluffy baked empanadas, which come stuffed with an assortment of seasoned meats and cheeses. Tender skirt steak, juicy and smoky, sits on most tables alongside plates of addictive “provenzal” fries, smothered in chopped garlic and parsley. The sweetbreads, chorizo, and short ribs provide some exceptional alternatives from the meat-stacked menu. One glass of the deceptively strong sangria, served with a straw in the restaurant’s signature high-brow/low-brow style, leaves most diners buzzed; many linger over a second, or third, after their meal. “Argentinians make it strong,” your waiter might assure you, and he’s right.

... on the side

eye for design
Glamorous red curtains at the entrance lead to a supremely cozy interior, framed by exposed-brick walls covered with pendants, jerseys, and photos of Argentinian sports teams, as well as two flat screen televisions—playing soccer, of course.

thinking drinks
In addition to the popular sangria, Buenos Aires offers an extensive wine list, with over 200 bottles from Argentina.

Low to medium—despite the festive atmosphere, the noise level is kept at a muted, though energetic, buzz.


noon–midnight daily

price range

$20.95 (half roasted Argentinian chicken) to $89.95 (surf and turf)