Bun Mee

By Sean Finney

More people would lament the passing of fusion from fashion if only the food were as good as the French-Vietnamese sandwiches at Bun Mee, a smartly decorated restaurant where you walk up to the counter for Southeast Asian street bites to be eaten at the dozen-plus seats or barstools. Whether it’s a traditional combination like grilled pork, pate, aioli, and pickled vegetables or a modern spin like the Sloppy Bun, the quality of the ingredients and preparations is obvious. A house-made curry infuses the sloppy Joe sauce with flavors more sophisticated than what most moms make, while the crispy fish in the Hanoi-Style Crispy Catfish sandwich is a textural delight. Explore the rest of the menu with confidence—there are salads along with rice and noodle bowls. Whatever you pick, you'll be in culinary heaven, in two countries that both know their ways around the table.

sweet seats

Two outdoor tables and two window box tables to either side of the entrance give the best view of what’s happening on this boutique-strewn, family-friendly stretch of Fillmore Street. The counter in the back lets you chat with the chefs.

chew on this

The chefs behind the Chairman Bao food trucks helped Bun Mee founder Denise Tran adapt her mother’s recipes for restaurant use.


Sun–Thu 10:30 AM–9 PM
Fri–Sat 10:30 AM– 9:30 PM

from Jan. 9: Sun–Thu 10:30 AM–9 PM;
Fri–Sat 10:30 AM– 9:30 PM

price range

$6 (five-spice chicken sandwich) to $12 (Mekong shrimp salad)