Butcher & the Burger

By Dennis Lee

If you’re a burger fanatic who feels restrained by menu options followed by the two words “no substitutions,” Butcher & the Burger will taste like freedom. This is an extensive burger menu dictated by your choice—your choice of meat, seasonings, bun, toppings, and sides. The permutations can be overwhelming, but just think of it as a “Choose Your Own Adventure” kind of burger. If you’re paralyzed by the element of choice, don’t fret—be assured that any combination you decide upon will be deliciously handcrafted just for you.

On a menu that involves protein choices from elk to salmon, focus on the classic: beef. Both the grass-fed and house blend beef patties are rich, sultry, and full of juice, even when cooked well past medium. If you’re looking to splurge, you can always top your burger with truffle mayo and foie gras, a classic combination that’ll leave you dazed for days on end. (Forget what the food critics say—it’s still a classic pairing that’ll leave you swooning). And you can’t have a burger without the fries: The Kennebec potato French fries have to be tasted to be believed. The exterior wall of thick, crunchy potato gives way to a pillowy and steamed mashed potato interior that you’ll be dreaming about.

the crowd

Couples out on a cost-effective date night, and groups of young single guys filling up before a night out.

... on the side

on the stereo
The soundtrack to “O Brother Where Art Thou” and Mumford & Sons.

beans to spill
The boxes of beignet mix lining the wall aren’t just for rustic decoration; they’re also used to create the classic dessert, covered in your choice of powdered or cinnamon sugar.

meaty extras
Butcher & the Burger also doubles as a butcher shop. You can purchase a rotating assortment of ground meat, condiments, sides, and bacon to take home.


Mon–Tue 10 AM–9 PM; Wed–Thu 10 AM–10 PM; Fri 10 AM–11 PM; Sat 9 AM–11 PM; Sun 9 AM–9 PM

price range

$7 (Portobello mushroom burger) to $15 (grass-fed bison on a pretzel roll)