Cabbage Patch

By Matthew Kang

If working or living in newly hip Downtown—especially in the heat of summer—has you down, you can always escape to the cool confines of Cabbage Patch, a casual place with fresh, light cuisine. The albacore tuna makes for a great salad, combined with free-range hard-boiled egg, capers, chickpeas, and wild greens all coated in a tart lemon-cayenne vinaigrette. You might also share a Greek pizzette, a mini pizza with salty Kalamata olives, creamy feta, and bright red tomatoes. For something more substantial, either a bowl of seared chicken with sesame-lime dressing over brown rice or a juicy cheeseburger with applewood-smoked bacon will do the trick. Or find a middle ground in the grilled cheese sandwich, with a buttery brioche crust and a sweet-tangy tomato jam, along with a side of cabbage slaw. And here’s good news: Cabbage Patch Downtown just got it’s beer and wine license—all the better to keep you cool.

sweet seats

The walkway to the counter where you order is a bit cavernous, but grab a table near the windows looking out toward 6th Street for great people-watching on an early summer evening or bright sunny day.

chew on this

The Cal-Med chef Samir Mohajer debuted Cabbage Patch in Beverly Hills in 2009, and quickly followed up with an outdoor-oriented Playa Vista location (BBE deal does not apply at this location), and most recently, the grander place downtown.


Mon.–Fri. 11 AM–9 PM

Beverly Hills
Mon.–Fri. 11 AM–9 PM

price range for menu items

$6 (tomato basil pizzette) to $14 (pan-roasted organic salmon bowl)


Beverly Hills
Mon.–Sat. 11 AM–9 PM

Playa Vista
Mon.–Fri. 8 AM–5 PM

Mon.–Fri. 11 AM–6 PM
*dinner and Saturday hours coming in March

price range

$9 (grilled cheese sandwich) to $12 (chicken kebab platter)