Café des Architectes

Café des Architectes

By Kate Bernot

In a city that can boggle the mind and belly with bacon, Greg Biggers dares to serve a fresh, modern take on French cuisine, and on Gallic turf no less. As the Executive Chef of Café des Architectes, the fine yet friendly restaurant gastronomique in the sleek Sofitel tower, he sears Muscovy duck breast until the skin crackles, flesh still tender rosé, and sends it out wearing Midwestern autumn accents of fig and cauliflower. New Exec Pastry Chef Patrick Fahy, an inventive master himself, creates desserts delicate and complex, including a chocolate-hazelnut bar, that digs deep in flavors and textures, his signature touches. Service is impeccably French, notably knowledgeable but charming. From artful amuses-bouches to final, lingering espressos, they’ll have you saying merci.

sweet seats

Two- and four-tops along the windows provide prime views of the modern dining room decorated in a bold color palette of crisp white and sensual red accents. Thanks to floor-to-ceiling windows, almost all tables have a view of the guests entering and exiting the hotel, though watching the chic clientele within the restaurant is more fun.

chew on this

Desserts are some of the best bites of the meal, thanks to the Sofitel’s recent acquisition of former Blackbird pastry chef Patrick Fahy. Diners who remember his thoughtful, elegant desserts there will find them even more composed at Café des Architectes, and with French luxury pâtisserie flourishes like edible metallic gold ribbon.


breakfast: daily 6 AM–11:30 AM
lunch: Mon.–Fri. 11:30 AM–3 PM
brunch: Sat.–Sun. 11:30 AM–5 PM
afternoon snacks: Mon.–Fri. 3 PM–5 PM
dinner: daily 5 PM–11 PM

price range

$26 (Muscovy duck breast) to $34 (Alaskan halibut)