Caviar Russe

By Danielle Nussbaum

The best things in life are sometimes hidden in plain sight: basement speakeasies in Chinatown, chefs’ tables in the kitchen, and, in the case of Caviar Russe, a second-floor dining room that comes across as a private club where you happen to be one of the posh members. Madison Avenue is the domain of shoppers and office dwellers, of course, which is exactly why the Renaissance-style opulence (coffered ceiling, colorful murals, elaborate cornice molding) and fine-dining manners here are such a surprise—a jaw-dropping contrast to and respite from the bustle below. That balance is at the core of Caviar Russe, where prix fixe and à la carte menus offer a mix of New American cuisine, superfresh sushi, and of course, sublime caviar, which is integrated into many of the dishes, such as gnocchi. The entire production is luxurious but never overwhelming, and the service at Caviar Russe is unpretentiously impeccable. Cocooned in one of their circular booths, you find yourself wondering if this is what it must be like inside a Fabergé egg—slightly decadent but also quite comfy. Who knew it was all just a staircase away?

sweet seats

The circular booths are so cozy, you won’t want to leave them.

chew on this

After your meal, head downstairs to the store for some take-home goodness—Caviar Russe is the largest caviar importer in the country.


lunch: Mon.–Sat. 12 noon–5:30 PM
dinner: Mon.–Sat. 5:30 PM–10 PM

price range

$105 (five courses) tasting menu
*prices for caviar, sushi and individual items vary widely